Kies een taal als je de website in jou taal wilt zien. Kies een taal als je de website in jou taal wilt zien.
Luxform, Your lighting specialist

Onze Geschiedenis

40 jaar Luxform

Luxform: From Past to Present and the Future

Since its establishment in 1978, Luxform has undergone an impressive development. What began as a range of indoor lighting fixtures quickly grew into a leading supplier of lighting solutions. In 1992, Luxform pioneered in low-voltage garden lighting, and in 2005, we even introduced Solar garden lighting, which was an innovative and groundbreaking product at the time.

Throughout our existence, we have taken significant strides. From 2005 to 2009, Luxform was owned by Intermatic Inc., which provided us with new opportunities. With our extensive market experience, customer knowledge, and technological expertise, we have become a reliable total supplier capable of meeting any lighting demand.

Luxform Lighting, founded in 1978, is now a specialized lighting partner operating in over 25 countries. We offer a wide range of lighting solutions for the consumer market. Our dedicated sales advisors are ready to assist you in assembling an assortment that perfectly aligns with your store and the needs of your customers. With our clear shelf plans, we ensure optimal presentation and stimulate sales.

At Luxform Global B.V., we understand the importance of addressing consumer preferences. Both our product range and organization are fully geared towards serving the specialist who aims to satisfy their customers. While we strive for attractive pricing, quality and maximum freedom of choice for consumers and end-users always take precedence. Our offering of service items and continuous product development enable our partners to serve their customers for years to come.

At Luxform, we always look ahead. We remain innovative, anticipate changes, and strive for the highest quality and customer satisfaction. Together, we build a radiant future where we continue to fulfill your lighting needs and exceed your expectations.

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