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Moroccan style is a new trend in decoration that takes its roots from Moorish architecture and Moroccan architecture. The bold and bright Moroccan decor features a blend of ornate patterns, vibrant colors and metal accents for a worldly atmosphere.

Moroccan style can be achieved by adding traditional Moroccan lanterns, Berber carpets, Moroccan tiles and striking patterned cushions. The secret lies in adding items that feel as if they have been discovered in a far-off land.

Beautiful lighting for the garden table and on & around the terrace for a Moroccan effect. The solar garden lamp "Marrakech" from Luxform is made of metal and has 24 amber-colored LEDs that move up and down. This creates the effect that a candle burns in the lamp. Since it is a battery lamp, it is safe for children and animals. This way you can enjoy the garden and the balcony in peace. The Moroccan candle lamp "Marrakech" is ideal for placement on and around your terrace / balcony and garden table. The handle with hanging chain makes it easy to place or hang the lamp elsewhere. The Marrakech will fit very well in a romantic and Moroccan environment and will enchant your guests.

Metal lanterns are a must - when aglow with candles at night, they add to this style’s romantic ambiance. Whether they are lanterns or a pendant lamp that allows pinpoints of light to shine through, Moroccan lamps bring a hint of magic to a garden.


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