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How do Solar lamps save energy and how do they work?

The lamps have an integrated solar panel and charging circuit, which renews the energy in the rechargeable batteries in the same way as with a rechargeable flashlight. But instead of charging from a wall outlet, the sun provides the energy. 

Is the low light output a disadvantage?

The bulbs are not as bright as low voltage lighting , but give a subtle lighting for marking.

I live in an area with sunny summers, but hard, cold winters, can I use Solar?

Although the lamps are designed for all weather conditions, it is possible that the duration of the lamps is adversely affected. Because the lamps are so simple to place, many people clean their lights on in the fall and they get in the spring out again.

What kind of repair do my lights need?

In addition to replacing the batteries, then no further maintenance is required.

How quickly batteries need to be replaced?

The batteries are designed to run completely empty at least 1000 times. This means at least 1,000 nights lights. The batteries need really to be replaced within three years.

What else should I know about batteries?

Luxform NimH batteries (which are more environmentally friendly than cadmium batteries) are available in the shop and are very easy to replace.

How often should I replace the LED in my fixture?

The LEDs are not replaceable, but life expectancy is over 20 years based on 10 hours per night.

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