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Is the installation of Luxform garden lights difficult?

The installation of Luxform garden lights is not difficult at all. Because the lights work with a transformer, they work on a reduced current of 12 volts. This makes the installation considerably easier than mains voltage. It is not necessary to install a mains cable, which would require burial at least 50cm below ground. All you require is a mains socket in a garage, shed or the garden and the installation can be done without using any tools thanks to our ‘Easy Connect’ system.

How many lights can be connected to a transformer?

The total wattage of the single lights put together must not exceed the capacity of the transformer used.

Can I place the transformer outside?

Most Luxform transformers labelled with the code IP44 can be placed outside. The transformer does not have to be protected against the weather. Only the plug needs to be housed in a weather proof outside socket or in the garage or shed.

Do I have to protect the cable connector against the weather conditions?

Cable connectors do not have to be protected against rain or any other weather conditions. They can be placed without any problems on or under the ground. A few inches is sufficient just to conceal them.

How deep should I dig the cable?

The cable does not need to be dug for safety reasons. As is on the low-voltage cable , exists in the damage of the cable by at garden tools or the bite of the cable broken by animals no danger. For aesthetic reasons , you can choose to cover the cable with garden soil or ground cover.

Is it dangerous when I accidentally cut the cable?

Cable damage can occur through digging or inquisitive animals. Because the cable works on a safe current of 12 Volts it is not dangerous. Just rejoin with a cable connector.

What is the maximum length Ican run a main cable?

The standard cable (STP1) which Luxform delivers can be used up to 25 meters from the transformer. Luxform has a thicker cable (STP3) in its range which can be used 45 meters from the transformer. All low voltage systems will perform less when the recommended distance limits are exceeded.

What can I do when some lights do not illuminate?

Depending which lights are not lit:

  • An incorrect connection – open the connector and reconnect. In practically all cases, this resolves the problem.
  • The cable has exceeded the recommended length– this is indicated when the last lights do not illuminate or they are dim.
  • The cable has been cut – usually several of the lights will not illuminate – use a connector clip to join.
  • Check for a defective bulb.

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